Source G Socrates Gomez of the JSU interviewed by Ronald Fraser in the 1970s

The communist party tried to absorb, monopolize everything . . . Instead of unity, there was the opposite. The war was being fought for the freedom of Spain, not to win a victory which would hand the country over to the communists who, in turn, served the interests of another nation. But from the propaganda, the large posters of Stalin, etc., the impression was gained that Spain was in the Soviets' hands. That only alienated large sectors of the population on our side and helped the enemy . . .

To be a socialist where the communist party or JSU was dominant was virtually equivalent to being a criminal. Instead of unity, anyone who protested . . . was slandered, blackened and sometimes physically eliminated. The communist party never attempted to take account, calmly and coolly, of differences of political opinion; they launched instead into insults, slanders, defamations.

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