Source H from For Whom the Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway 1940

Gomez saw his face clearly in the light and recognized him. He had seen him at political meetings and he had often read articles by him in Mundo Obrero translated from the French. He . . . knew him for one of France's great modern revolutionary figures who had led the mutiny of the French Navy in the Black Sea. Gomez knew this man would know where Golz's headquarters were and be able to direct him there. He did not know what this man had become with time, disappointment, bitterness both domestic and political, and thwarted ambition . . . He stepped forward into the path of this man, saluted with his clenched fist and said, 'Comrade Massart, we are the bearers of a dispatch for General Golz. Can you direct us to his headquarters? It is urgent' . . .

'You have what, Comrade?' he asked Gomez, speaking Spanish with a strong Catalan accent. His eyes glanced sideways at Andrés, slid over him, and went back to Gomez.

'A dispatch for General Golz to be delivered at his headquarters, Comrade Massart' . . .

'Where is it from, Comrade?' 'From behind the fascist lines,' Gomez said. André Massart extended his hand for the dispatch and the other papers. He glanced at them and put them in his pocket.

'Arrest them both,' he said to the corporal of the guard. 'Have them searched and bring them to me when I send for them.'

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