Source I from the National Front Bloque Nacional Manifesto December 1935

What we want is an old, time-honoured State with roots in the history of Spain. This State, which will respect all differences between individuals and provinces, must have the strength to extirpate the anti-national forces that, like a disease, threaten to sap the life of the Fatherland. Therefore, it must be an authoritarian, corporatist, and unifying State . . .

The new State will [restore] to all Spaniards peace and order. This task demands . . . the formation of a wide coalition of counterrevolutionary forces, acting on a well-defined platform . . . that will enable those elected to pursue with total unanimity the full implementation of its policies in parliament.

Such a platform must have as its foundation the replacement of the 1931 Constitution, whose legal status has already been undermined [deleted by censor], as well as the extirpation of Marxism, separatism, and laicism from national life.

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