Air force

The fundamental administrative unit of the aviation arm was the avuiotryad, or aviation detachment. The first were set up in November 1917, but their establishment was tabled only on 15 May 1918, and was as follows: 113 men, six planes, four automobiles and five horse-drawn carts. An aviaotryad was designated either as reconnaissance (70-75 per cent), fighter (18-20 per cent), fire-support, photographic or special task. In practice, however, these otryads were used tactical]\ as the military situation demanded.

A new larger scale organisational unit was created in the summer of 1918, the aviagruppa or aviation group. Each consisted initially of two civiaotryads one designated as a reconnaissance otryad and one as a fighter otryad. Later, an aviagruppa could comprise as many as ten aviaotryads.

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