Cavalry division

" 3 August 1918, a cavalry division was cavalry brigades and an attached horse n comprising four horse batteries. »Tcngth was 7,653 men and 8,469 horses. 1919 a technical squadron was added, '19 the number of horse batteries was ee By this time, full cavalry division '.499 men and 10,210 horses; in practice, is usually between 3,000 and 8,000 men.

restored in July 1919 with only one change: the horse machine-gun detachment was named a 'horse machine-gun platoon".

Cavalry regiments that were part of cavalry divisions got their formal structure on 3 August 1918. Thcv were to number 1,105 men and 1,203 horses and to consist of four squadrons and a machine-gun detachment (with four Maxims). Kach squadron (210 men and 221 horses) had four platoons, each of two sections. This establishment was increased in the following month to 1,152 men and 1,247 horses. From February 1919 a mounted machine-gun squadron (with 20 Maxims) was added to each regiment. I'.ach of the five squadrons now had 176 men and 193 horses.

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