Cavalry Regiments

Cavalry Squadrons(4 or 5)

Mounted MG Signals Logistics Regimental Demolition Road/Bridging Sapper Platoon Team Team School Platoon Team Squadrc-

headquarters and a signals section; altogether it numbered between 80 and 100 men. Each armour platoon was equipped with four armoured cars (one of these had a cannon and two machine-guns, while the other three had just two machine-guns each). There were 'line otryads\ which were parts of rifle or cavalry divisions, and detached otryads, which were subordinated to armies and Fronts or to Cheka units.

The First avtotankovy otryads (auto-tank detachments) were formed in 1920 and had 81-113 men, three or four tanks, one or two artillery pieces and 12-28 machine-guns. They had the following establishment: one or two tank platoons, a tank support section (30 riflemen with two machine-guns), a headquarters and a reserve (signals section, three or four cars and three or four trucks).

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