H 1922 Uniforms

HI: Zamkompolka (Deputy Regimental ( ommander), Cavalry, 1922

I his commander is dressed in 1922 winter uniform: tdenovka helmet, long cavalry greatcoat with collar itches, star, razgovory tabs and sleeve badge all in the ivalry branch colour, cornflower blue. The silver mbroidery on the sleeve badge indicates a wound in tttle or at least one year's Red Army service. lie is ¿rmed with a Mauser k-96 pistol and a Cossack shashka sword, and his decorations are the Order of the Red ■anner and the graduation badge of the 1st Petrograd Red Commanders1 Cavalry School. The leather equip-lent is of standard 1911 Russian officers' pattern, but le shoulder belts are worn criss-crossing rather than arallel (like braces) - a style adopted by Red commands to distinguish them from White officers.

112: Commander of an Engineers Brigade, 1922 he only part of the new 1922 uniform is a gym-asterka shirt. This has collar patches, razgovory and sleeve rank badge in the facing colour of engineers and irtillery black piped scarlet. The remainder of the niform is of pre-1922 period: supplies continued to be scarce, and often instead of dressing one regiment in he new uniform, individual items were distributed jmong different regiments of the same division.

The collar patches bear the crossed pick anil spade >f engineer units, and the graduate's badge of the Red Military Engineers' Academy is worn on the chest. (Despite the Red Army's egalitarianism, only Red academy graduates ever had the chance of attaining posi-ons of responsibility.) The leather equipment is typically Caucasian, made of black leather and deco-'ateil with chased silver ornaments, as is the shashka.

Such items were especially popular among troops of the southern fronts.

113: Section Commander, the RMSR Security Battalion, 1922

This man wears the full 1922 summer uniform, which was of grey cotton, faced in the infantry colour, crimson piped black. 1 lis position as Komandir otdeleniya (section commander) is shown on the sleeve patch. Collar patches bear the cipher of the RMSR Security Battalion the forerunner of the famous Kremlin Guards. The belt and pouch are of plain leather, and the rifle is a Mosin 1891.

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