Machineguns and mortars

The Maxim M.1910 was the most popular machine-gun of the Civil War. V standard method for improving the weapon's mobility was to place it on a horse-drawn cart, known as a tachunha. Also in widc-

spread use were the French Hotchkiss M.1914, American Colt and the British Lewis .M. 1915, the two of which were often appropriated by pilots for in aerial combat.

The most widely used mortar was the Russ I.ikhonin 47-58mm, which had a range of 500 men In 1918 every rille regiment had a bombometny (liters 'bomb-throwing') team armed with four 90mm /»< homely, which were similar to mortars but fired srr calibre explosive shells. In November 191,S these tea were replaced by mortar teams, each equipped with 58mm mortars.

In March 1919 the mortars were taken awav t-1 individual rifle divisions in order to concentrate th in a single mortar division, which had two heavy h teries (with six 240mm mortars each) and three i batteries (with eight 58 mm mortars each). These I teries were assigned to rifle divisions as and »1 needed for specific offensive operations.

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