Red Army Organisation

Not later than 4 March 1918 (the exact date is no known) the Supreme Military Soviet (SMS) was ere ated to organise the country's defence and to form new regular army. This body was headed by militar chairman Trotsky and two political commissars, ar. was staffed by former Stavka (General HQ) office-who worked on a voluntary basis. On 6 Septembt 1918 the SMS was replaced by the Revolutionär Military Council of the Republic (RMSR), still wit Trotsky, the People's Commissar on Military an Naval Affairs, as its chairman. The RMSR now h; the entire military infrastructure of the country und> its control.

Working closely with Lenin, Trotsky played a viu part in the conversion of the Red Army into an effei tive fighting force — brushing aside the opposition men such as Stalin and Voroshilov, who were again conscription and the employment of former Tsarii officers as 'military specialists'. From his armours train, which became his command post and also hj home for two and a half years, Trotsky also took active part in the campaigns against the White generd Yudenich, Denikin and Kolchak and the Polish leadt. Pilsudski.

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