Red cross and railway insignia

Only in October 19]cS did the Soviet government ado the Geneva Convention and order 'all organisations a~ facilities dealing with sick and wounded' to install t Red Cross flag, and all medical personnel to we enamel Red Cross badges in their headgear. Vledic orderlies in a battlefield were additionally to wear white armband with a red cross 011 the left sleeve.

O11 22 August 1919 an armband was introduced f commandants of railway stations (earlier a civilian p fession, but militarised because of the great strati-importance of the railways). At the same time, a slee badge was introduced for military communications sonncl. The armband was made of red cloth, 12i wide, with a black velvet diamond (8cm by 12cm wi decorated by a white (silver) railway wheel with t wings 011 its sides. The piping on the diamond ยป green for commandants and yellow for commissars diamond-shaped badge of the same design was worn the left sleeve, above the elbow.

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