American Civil War Marines 186165

Ron Field • Illustrated by Richard Hook

Consultant Editor Martin Windrow

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The author wishes to thank the following for their generous assistance: Peter Harrington, Curator, Anne S.K.Brown Military Collection, Brown University; Michael J.McAfee, Curator of Uniforms & History, West Point Museum; Karina McDanlel, Tennessee State Library & Archives; Heather W.Milne, Manager of Photographic Collection, Museum of the Confederacy, Richmond, Va; Betsy Rix, Kenan Research Center, The Atlanta History Center; Frank Arre, Manager, Naval Historical Foundation, Washington, DC; Gerald R.Powell; Brooks Hamm; Adelaide Trigg; George Menegaux; Jim Enos; and special thanks to David M.Sullivan, who shared so much. Semper Fi!

Artist's Note

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