Re Pre S Entation

From his Excellency


And the generall Conned of the Army.

G4: Presbyterian Minister

A number of ministers had accompanied the Scots army during the Bishops' Wars and, as Robert Baillie recalled of its encampment, 'Had ye lent your ear in the morning, or especially at even, and heard in the tents the sound of some singing psalms, some praying, and some reading Scripture, ye would have been refreshed'. Few, however, were prepared to march with the army into England, or to stay long if they did, so that in April 1645 'in two and twenty regiments there is not one Minister'. The danger from the Scots' point of view was that the lack of religious fellowship led to a breakdown of expressing

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Tendred to the Right Honourable the Com-

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Sept. 31. to be by them reprefented to the

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