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Total Money Magnetism

Total Money Magnetism is developed by Dr. Steve G. Jones who is a clinical Hypnotherapist and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner since 1980s. He was a financially weak person struggling to pay his debts, somehow perceived an unusual guidance from a friend after which he became a self-made multi-millionaire, featured in Forbes magazine, People magazine and a lot of articles and radio interviews, and his clients include Hollywood celebrities, directors, CEOs, executives, and sports athletes. That guidance was 6 step secret method to develop a millionaire's brain which he explains in detail on this online interface. Actually, a poor person's brain is stuck in the same scratch while rich man's brain is well mapped and has the neural strength to always develop money making ideas. So Total Money Magnetism uses scientifically proven methods to effortlessly transform the programming of the brain to remove mental blocks, develop wealth pathways and build connections. This platform offers The Skill of Money Magnetism e-book, a valuable and inspirational audio track by Steve G. Jones himself, The Millionaire Mindset, which is an exclusive interview with many self-made millionaires, Mark Ling's 3 fastest ways to make millions online, and Platinum Millionaire Mind Makers, which are three proven and tested audio tracks to steadily and unconsciously reset your mind to become attractive to wealth. More here...

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Highly Recommended

This is one of the best ebooks I have read on this field. The writing style was simple and engaging. Content included was worth reading spending my precious time.

I give this ebook my highest rating, 10/10 and personally recommend it.

The Manifestation Millionaire

How to achieve success in life and in business is the focal point of everybody since elementary school until reaching the age of 60th. This book the manifestation millionaire present a vast variety of techniques that help the readers to develop their desire to transform into successful business figure and it presents a lot of techniques and methods to support the reader in their journey towards earning a six-figure income. The author of the book Darren Reagan explains how he raised from the bottom of failure to the highest of success using these methods presented in his book. The the manifestation millionaire will teach you the positive thinking and will teach you how the positive thinking is the real working method to use in order to break through your obstacles and be wealthy and successful. Any reader should be well skillful in kicking the negativity from his life just after few chapters and should be able to achieve his goals and become wealthy after applying the techniques and method in the book. I really like the variations in the manifestation techniques because it makes you comfortable choosing the best technique suits you and apply it to become a wealthy person. More here...

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Your Wealth Magnet

Michael McNally has researched for years till he found a great concept to achieve wealth and to elaborate more on the low of attraction, He came up with the famous low abundance butterfly effect and he described it in one of the best self-help programs appeared recently called Your wealth Magnet. The abundance butterfly effect is a new name to describe an ancient low and this low testified by thousands to help them achieve success and make lots of money. Why it works? because if there is something we know about lows, natural or metaphysical is they work every time they meet their conditions. That's why this book worked miracles for many. I like this book for many reasons; firstly it was testified by thousands so you are not going to be the first. Second is the author supports his book concepts with examples of the success of many business leaders. Third the bonuses included are great programs in itself including The Wealth Attraction Hypnosis audio set, the Mind over Money Neurological Synchronization audio course which helps you tap into your mind power to achieve wealth. And last but not least the Instant Habit Transformation Audio Course to change your old damaging habits More here...

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The Wealth Compass

The Wealth Compass is a program that guides individuals on how to manifest the universe and obtain the positive energy it radiates. It is a product of Mark Pescetti, a proficient in manifestation. It is an appropriate program that helps you reexamine yourself and get rid of the negative atmosphere in your life. The program will help you progressively on how to change to a life fully joy and happiness. It has successfully assisted many people in doing away with deleterious thoughts they had at first and replace them with positive imaginations, enabling them to draw towards success. It has proved workable and will significantly transform your life, drawing you to the positive things you admire in life and delink you from the ones that generate negative vibes. To ensure that you fully benefit, there is four bonuses guide that you will be provided with. In case it does not satisfy your needs, you can claim a refund since there is a 60-day money back guarantee for everyone. Try it! Suggest it to friends! It is real and practical. More here...

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Universal Life Secrets

Universal Life Secrets is a self improvement program from Chris DCruz to help you access your brain powers. You do this through the various techniques explained in the book, including the Universal Life Secrets Stimulator. The techniques are exercises in meditation and creative visualization to increase your level of awareness and mindfulness. The teachings of positive thinkers have been around for centuries, but in the recent years a lot of information has been hidden for public use. For the past 10 years there has been a resurgence of the teachings of positive thinking. Universal Life series contains helpful teachings on self-improvement and self-awareness. The author promises life changing results, the information presented in this product is both informative and practical. More here...

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Contents: Ebook
Author: Chris D’Cruz
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Sheltered girlhood in New York City

Samuel Ward died in 1839, leaving a fortune estimated at six million dollars. Within a short time, Howe's beloved brother Henry Ward died as well. She became deeply depressed and spent the next two years recovering her spirits. After her period of mourning ended, however, she began to enjoy her newfound freedom. She socialized with all kinds of important people in New York. Along with her sisters, she became known as an excellent hostess in the city's literary and cultural circles.

Cavalry Raiders Morgan And Forrest 1862

Forrest Cavalry Corps

In summer 1862 MajGen Braxton Bragg ordered both these officers on a two-pronged raid in advance of his anticipated invasion of eastern Tennessee and Kentucky. Their aim was to disrupt communications, delay Federal troop movements, and destroy the opposing cavalry. Morgan's 2nd Kentucky Cavalry, along with units from Georgia and Texas, set out on July 4, winning a series of small engagements and destroying almost a million dollars' worth of property. In Tennessee on July 11, Forrest's amalgamated force targeted the railroad center of Murfreesboro, where he destroyed half a million dollars' worth of property

Union Precautions Confederate Raids

Missouri Guerillas Partisan Rangers

Much damage to infrastructure, Marmaduke had a tendency to get bogged down in pitched battles and assaults on forts. More successful was BrigGen Joseph Orville Shelby's Missouri raid, which rode without supply wagons, avoided major engagements, and sent scouts ahead to gather intelligence about road conditions and Union troop positions. Shelby destroyed nearly two million dollars' worth of infrastructure and supplies and captured 1,200 small arms, at a time when many Arkansas Confederates were unarmed or went into the firing line with squirrel-guns.

Ironclads in the United States Navy

Edwin Stevens in 1868, the Stevens Battery was bequeathed to the state of New Jersey, along with the sum of one million dollars with which to complete it. General George B. McClellan was appointed to head the project, new plans for converting the battery to a turret ram were drawn up, and work actually went ahead, including the installation of new engines. Finally, the million dollars was spent, and the ship was still incomplete, although it appears that work was progressing quite favorably, and the Navy was interested again. Congress, however, was not, and neither was the state of New Jersey. The Stevens Battery was finally scrapped in 1874.

Ironclads in the Confederate States Navy

In the following weeks Mallory moved to bring his scheme to reality. Lieutenant James H. North was ordered to proceed to London, and with the assistance of Confederate agents already in England, to go to France and open negotiations with the French for the purchase, either directly or indirectly, of one armored frigate of the Gloire class, or failing this, to arrange for a similar ship to be secretly constructed. Another armored ship was to be contracted for in England. Lieutenant North was advised to consult with Captain Cowper Coles, the Royal Navy's ironclad expert, before drawing up specifications. On May 20, 1861, 2 million dollars were allocated for the purchase of 6 armored vessels abroad. Tactically, honors must go to the Monitor, which was fighting a defensive action to protect the helpless wooden ships. The ships were saved, the enemy driven off. The Union Navy, with the responsibility of maintaining the blockade and covering McClellan's operations ashore on the Peninsula,...

Confederate Cavalry Raids july4july27 1862

Cavalry Troops

Concurrent with Morgan's Kentucky raid, Forrest left Chattanooga on July 9, and proceeded to devastate Federal occupation forces in middle Tennessee. At 4.30 am on July 13 - his 41st birthday - having ridden 50 miles in just over fourteen hours, Forrest thundered into Murfreesboro ahead of his 1,4.00 screaming troopers and surprised and captured General Thomas T Crittenden and his 1,040-man Federal garrison. After securing Union supplies estimated at a million dollars, Forrest withdrew to McMinnville. On the 18th, old Bedford had his men back in the saddle and marching to Lebanon where they forced the Union garrison to abandon the town. Following the retreating Federals northward to Nashville, Forrest destroyed two bridges below the city on the Nashville & Chattanooga Railroad, putting the line out of operation for a week forced the moblization of two Federal divisions to protect the railroad and destroy the Confederate raiders and panicked Governor Andrew Johnson into thinking...

Kearny Philip 181562

Phillip Keamy

Philip Kearny was born in New York City on 2 June 1815. The scion of a wealthy, socially prominent family, he was graduated from Columbia University in 1833. l ie inherited a million dollars in - an almost unimaginable sum at that date - but nevertheless decided to follow his dream into the army. Commissioned into his uncle's regiment, the 1st Dragoons, in 1837 as a second lieutenant, Kearny attended the French cavalry school at Saumur in 1839* He served with the Chasseurs d'Afrique in Algiers in 1840, returning to serve on the staff of the Major-General Commanding the Army.

The Stevens Battery

Robert Stevens' two surviving brothers, John and Edwin, offered to complete the ship at their own expense if the government would buy it when it was successfully completed. A board of naval officers was then appointed to survey the ship and decide whether it was worth finishing. The verdict was that it was not, and the offer of the Stevens brothers was declined. Upon the death of Edwin Stevens in 1868, the Stevens Battery was bequeathed to the state of New Jersey, along with the sum of one million dollars with which to complete it. General George B. McClellan was appointed to head the project, new plans for converting the battery to a turret ram were drawn up, and work actually went ahead, including the installation of new engines. Finally, the million dollars was spent, and the ship was still incomplete, although it appears that work was progressing quite favorably, and the Navy was interested again. Congress, however, was not, and neither was the state of New Jersey. The Stevens...

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The Accidental Blogging Millionaires

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