Battleflags of the Army of Northern Virginia

The battleflag of the Confederate States is easily one of the most recognizable symbols worldwide; indeed, many people believe it to have been the national flag of the Confederacy. This flag, in its myriad configurations, of which a very few examples are shown here, was the rallying point of one of the finest armies of the nineteenth century. It has about it today a mystique like no other, but unfortunately this symbol of a long defunct military organization has been associated with various radical political groups. Specimens exist in many southern state collections, and isolated examples may be seen in some northern museums, but, without a doubt, the repository of the finest collection of such battleflags is The Museum of the Confederacy in Richmond, Va.

Probably the flag of the 4th North Carolina Infantry Regiment, captured by Federal troops at the Battle of Chancellorsville. This flag is of the second bunting issue continued ►

Artifacts courtesy of The Museum of the Confederoi y Richmond 9

Army Northern Virginia Flag

Top Left:

Flag of the 7th Regiment Virginia Volunteer Infantry This color was captured by Federal forces during the Battle of Gettysburg, where the regiment was part of Kemper's Brigade of Pickett's Division.

Top Right:

Flag of the 9th Regiment Virginia Volunteer Infantry. This color was captured by Federal forces at the Battle of Five Forks, Virginia, April 1, 1865. The regiment was holding a position at Five Forks, on the far right of the A.N.V. line at Petersburg, when the position was carried by Union troops under the command of General Sheridan

Bottom Left

Flag of Courtney's Virginia High Constabulary, which was captured at Spotsylvania Court House, May. 1864. This flag is of the third bunting issue

Bottom right: Flag of an unknown unit captured at Sayler's Creek, Virginia, April 6, 1865. This was the last maior engagement fought between the Army of Northern Virginia and the Army of the Potomac. This flag is of the fourth bunting issue

Petersburg 1864 Model16th Alabama Infantry FlagPetersburg 1864 Model

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