Braxton Braggs Sword Belt and Bible

General Bragg's sword is inscribed: "Presented to General Braxton Bragg..." but by whom is no longer legible. In contrast to the great majority of presentation swords, which were elaborately decorated, this is a very plain and serviceable weapon and could even have been used in battle.

The belt is unusual in that it is of white leather, lined with a single wale of gold braid. The buckles on the belt and on the belt straps are very elaborate and unusual.

The Bible is of a type commonly seen at the time, but if he ever read it, Bragg does not seem to have taken its strictures on charity -especially where his subordinates were concerned - too much to heart.

Braxton Bragg MemorabiliaBiblical SwordBraxton Bragg Memorabilia

17 Cased Tranter revolver with accouterments for loading and cleaning

18 Colt Model 1860 Army revolver, one of a pair of pistols owned and carried by Brig. Gen. Morgan and later presented to Capt John Kirkpatrick, 2nd Kentucky Cavalry

19 Custom-made, silver-mounted saddle presented to Morgan by friends from Augusta, Georgia

1 General's frock coat

2 Officer's silk sash

3 Model 1851 Federal officer's sword bell

4 Pair of buckskin gauntlets

Revolutionary War Officer Artifacts

Artifacts courtesy of The Museum ot the CoriftHUuacy Richmond. Va

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