Bummer Army of the Tennessee USA

Civil War Bummer

region as the lean, hardened and ever-resourceful 'bummer' of the Army of the Tennessee His uniform may have been outwardly similar to that of his eastern counterparts, but the differences showed in the hundreds more miles he marched, the greater variations of climate and weather he endured, and the increased uncertainties of re-supply available to this highly mobile army. Chief among these differences was the battered wide-brimmed hat he wore, as opposed to the ubiquitous kepi worn in the Army of the Potomac, and the fact that he traveled light, his kit reduced to the barest of essentials. Anything more that he needed he got from the land, a method of soldiering at which he became expert. From Tennessee to North Carolina men such as this took it upon themselves to destroy the heart of the Confederacy.

For all the differences between the Billy Yanks of the Eastern Theater and those of the West, no soldier was so distinctive to his army and

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