Captain Co G 11th Virginia Infantry Lynchburg Home Guard CSA

This captain in Company G, 11th Virginia Infantry, the Lynchburg Home Guard, wears the regulation gray frock-coat, trousers, and forage cap specified for his regiment. The black trim on the trouser seams, cuffs and collar differs from the blue used on many other Virginia regimental uniforms. His sword belt has the handsome two-piece Virginia State seal beltplate, supporting the scabbard for his Model 1850 foot-officer's sword. An unusual feature is the brass shoulder scales with bullion epaulettes. The enlisted men behind him might have worn gray or blue, as both colors were to be seen in this regiment. Some also wore black jackets beneath their white webbing cross-belts, and gray trousers. Virginia was second only to North Carolina in its near-approach to fully equipping and outfitting its regiments, according to government regulations.

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