Colonel and First Lieutenant 16th Virginia Volunteer Infantry CSA

These officers of the 16th Virginia

Infantry well illustrate the divergent uniforms to be found within many Confederate units. The standing colonel, commanding the regiment, wears essentially the regulation field officer's blouse in Confederate gray, with sky-blue trousers. His saber, however, is |ust as likely to have been made by Ames of Chicopee, Mass, as by one of the Southern swordsmiths, especially if he was a militia officer before the war and brought his favorite sidearm with him into Confederate service.

The First Lieutenant, seated before him, has, in common with his commanding officer, the regulation kepi and trousers, but his blouse is very much the old Federal blue. ^ Also, he appears to be wearing an old Virginia State belt-plate, or perhaps one from the famous "VMI" (Virginia Military Institute). It is scarcely surprising that there was confusion on the battle- i field as to which side some troops were on, since their dress was so similar.

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