Confederate Battleflags Western Variants

Variations of the St. Andrew's Cross were used as the battleflag of many units serving in the western theater. In general these flags were rectangular in shape, unlike those of the Army of

Northern Virginia, which were generally square. Such flags are avidly sought, but few are in private hands. The premier collection is to be found at the Museum of the Confederacy.

57th Virginia Infantry

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Flag of the 1 st and 3rd (combined) Regiments, Florida Volunteer Infantry, issued to the unit in 1864

The Conquered Banner Poem


Flag of the 57th Regiment. Georgia Volunteer Infantry, at one time a unit of Bragg's corps. Army of Mississippi/Army of Tennessee The shape, the large pink border around the flag, and the twelve, six-pointed stars, indicate that this is the second pattern flag of Bragg's corps The first had been smaller and squarer, of the type introduced into the western theater by General Beauregard, after he was transferred from Virginia in February, 1862. These flags follow the same basic pattern as those first issued to the Army of Northern Virginia in November 1861 These flags were usually made of wool bunting rather than silk, which was found to wear too quickly under campaign conditions

Below right:

Unit flag of the 57th Regiment Mississippi Volunteer Infantry. At one time a unit of Hmdman's Division, in A. S. Johnston's Army of Tennessee. This flag was issued to the regiment some time after March 1864


Flag of the 13th Regiment Louisiana Volunteer Infantry, issued to the unit, April 1864

13th Mississippi Infantry FlagMine Creek Museum CannonMine Creek Battlefield Museum

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