Confederate First and Second National Flag Variants

Variations of the Confederate National Flags First and Second Patterns can be found in many of the public collections, indicating just how prevalent they were. Some of the rarer patterns of flags, particularly those used in the western theater, are hardly recognizable as Confederate, except by the students of such colors, and some particularly unusual variants can now be found in the Mississippi, Missouri, Texas, Kentucky, and Arkansas state collections. An added complication is that modern media tends to recognize the battleflag as the

"Confederate flag," which has added to the confusion of younger generations.

1 Confederate National Flag, First Pattern variant Probably the color of the 25th Virginia Volunteer Infantry, this flag was captured by Federal forces m an engagement at Phillipi, western Virginia, in 1861 The engagement, though a small one, was an early popular victory for the North and an ignominious rout for the Confederates

2 First Pattern Flag variant The flag of the Flat Rock Riflemen, Company C,

25th Virginia Volunteer Infantry
Aftilatls ccRKlesv ot The Museum ot Itw Contednracv. Richmond, Va
Bardstown Museum Confederate Flags

20th Virginia Volunteer Infantry

3 First Pattern Flag Variant Probably the flag of Company E, 1st Regiment, Kentucky Volunteer Infantry This regiment mustered in at the beginning of the war. went east, and served for only a short time in Virginia. It had mustered out by 1862

4 Confederate National Flag, Second

Pattern Variant. The flag of the 9th Regiment, Arkansas Volunteer Infantry. This flag was carried at engagements against Federal forces throughout the conflict in the western theater: namely Corinth. Missouri; Franklin, Tennessee, Atlanta, Georgia; and Bentonville, North Carolina

Confederate Flag Ninth Regiment

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