Confederate General Officers Uniforms and Equipment

There are several major differences between the uniforms and insignia of Union and Confederate general officers, besides basic color. The first is that the Confederate general officer's rank is indicated by collar insignia and very elaborate sleeve braid, rather than the shoulder straps of his Federal counterpart. The second is that there is only one badge of rank for all Southern generals: three stars, with the center star usually, but by no means always, larger than the other two. This

Confederate system was a major deviation from the Old Army regulations in form, yet both armed forces still recognized the star insignia and the buff sash as indicative of a general officer.

1 Frock coat of Brig. Gen Paul Semmes

2 Frock coat of Maj. Gen. Joseph Wheeler

3 Frock coat of Lt. Gen. John Bell Hood

4 Frock coat of Mai. Gen. Frank Gardner

5 Frock coat of Lt. Gen. Simon Bolivar Buckner

6 Frock coat of Brig. Gen. George Wythe

Confederate Frock Coat Buff Sash
Aihfacts coutlosy of The Mustnim of tfte Cootederecv. Richmond. V.1
Joseph Wheeler Frock Coat

Randolph, Secretary of War. C.S.A.

7 General's silk sash

8 Foiage cap of Brig Gen Paul Semmes

9 Epaulettes of Mai Gen. Joseph Wheeler

10 Sword-belt of Lt.

Gen. John Bell Hood

11 Silk sash of Lt

Gen. John Bell Hood

12 Forage cap

13 General's silk sash

14 Epaulettes of Brig. Gen. Carnot Posey, died 1863

15 Forage cap of Mai Gen. John B Magruder

16 Silk sash of Maj Gen John B Magruder

17 Le Mat revolver

18 Field glass of Gen. Joseph E. Johnston

19 Savage Navy revolver of Ma|. Gen Joseph Wheeler

20 Saber from Paris of Lt Gen John Bell Hood

21 Sword of Brig. Gen. Robert S Garnett

22 Saber of Maj Gen. Matthew C. Butler

23 Sword of Lt. Gen. John Bell Hood

24 Colt 1860 Army of Gen J. E. Johnston

25 Spurs of Gen. J. E. Johnston

26 Le Mat 1st Model revolver of Gen. P G T Beauregard

27 Sash of Gen J E Johnston

Mat Revolver

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