Confederate General Service Naval and State Buttons

Uniform Buttons Texas Star

Uniform buttons are another great source of individuality. The Confederate states utilized respective state seals in various configurations (for example, South Carolina [100] and Virginia [107]), or used other distinctive devices. Various branch indicative letters were used in a variety of styles - block, script and Old English script -such as the "A" for artillery (21). Fine collections of Southern buttons may be viewed at the Museum of the Confederacy, the Virginia Historical Society in Richmond, Va., and the Atlanta Historical Society. In the last three decades, button collecting has become extremely sophisticated and expensive.

1-17 Staff officer's and officer's buttons;

most English imports 18-20 Enlisted man's coat and vest buttons 21-28 Artillery, various 29-35 Artillery, various 39-52 Artillery, various 53-56 Artillery, various

Navy Coat ButtonsOld Philadelphia ButtonsNaval Officer Uniform Buttons

57-65 Naval officer's uniform buttons; English imports

66 Confederate Navy enlisted man's hard rubber coat button

67 Alabama Volunteer Corps coat button

68-69 Alabama State seal coat and cuff button

70 Arkansas officer's

71 Florida State seal

72 Florida Cherokee Rose

73-75 Georgia State seal coat and cuff buttons

76-77 Kentucky State seal button variations 78-82 Louisiana State seal button variations

83-84 Maryland State seal coat and cuff buttons

85 Mississippi State seal button 86-91 Mississippi star buttons 92-95 N C. State seal buttons 96-97 N.C. Starburst variants 98-102 S C. State seal buttons 103 Tennessee State seal button 104-106 Texas buttons 107-112 Virginia State seal buttons

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