Confederate Headgear and Epaulettes

While regulations were quite specific, the Confederate officer wore whatever hat was available at the time. Replacements were difficult to obtain, so many pieces of equipment or clothing were used until they were little more than rags. Surviving material was used up after the war due to the desperate economic situation in the South during Reconstruction. As a result, specimens of Confederate hats are very scarce.

1858 Hardee hat of Colonel Francis S. Bartow, of the 7th and 8th Georgia Regiments

1858 Hardee hat of Capt Paul Hamilton with North Carolina palmetto insignia and officer's hat cord Rubberized rain hat of Col. Bradflute Warwick, 4th Texas Infantry Full dress beaver skin chapeau of Capt. A. J. Grayson. Co. B (F), 45th Virginia Infantry

Civilian slouch hat of Lt John Selden, 2nd Co Richmond Howitzers Forage cap of Henry Carter Lee, Army of North Virginia, (A.N.V.) Cavalry Corps

Union Army Generals Epaulettes

10 11 12

Confederate HeadgearDavid Cline Confederate 45th Virginia

Forage cap of Capt. Benjamin Chase, Co. B. 22nd Virginia Infantry Forage cap belonging to Lt. Gen. Simon Bolivar Buckner

Wool headwarmer of Mai Robert B Taylor, 6th Virginia Infantry Cotton havelock of W H. Kirkpatrick of Georgia

Non-regulation cap of Capt. David L Smoot, Alexander Artillery, Va Forage cap of Brig. Gen. George

Wythe Randolph

13 Colonel's epaulettes of Brig. Gen. Alexander Gait Taliaferro

14 Captain's epaulettes of Mai Gen. H D. Clayton

15 Captain's epaulettes of Capt. James K. Lee, Co. B, 1st Virginia Infantry



Union Sack Coats Original Museum

Lieutenant - both grades

Captain and Maior

Lieutenant Colonel and Colonel


Confederate Generals Badges Rank

General - all ranks

Captain Benjamin Taliaferro

Second Lieutei

Lieutenant Colonel

First Lieutenant«

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