Confederate Infantry Equipment

What the Rebel soldier wore showed the deplorable state of Confederate supply. Scores of regiments equipped themselves locally before going to war, but as clothing and equipment wore out it was often left to the private soldier to replace it himself. Even that which the Richmond government did manage to distribute was often of wildly varying quality. Uniforms alone varied from gray so dark as to be almost blue, to butternuts and browns - all of it supposedly the official "cadet gray." As for the items prescribed as "regulation issue," only a few regiments raised early in the war ever got them at all. In time, an' issue of new socks would be a memorable day.

Confederate uniforms can be found in most Southern state collections and the superb collection housed at The Museum of the Confederacy in Richmond, Va., boasts over one hundred items.

Confederate Infantry
Artifacts courtesy ol The Museum of the Confederacy Richmond. i/a

1 First Sergeant's frock coat

2 Forage cap

3 Linen havelock

4 Trousers for First Sergeant's frock coat

5 Uniform vest for First Sergeant's frock coat and trousers

6 Shirt

7 Cartridge box

8 Cap box

9 Fayetteville rifle

10 Brogans

11 Wooden canteen name of owner inscribed

12 Haversack

13 Model 1860 Colt Army revolver and holster

14 Side knives

Haversack Trousers

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