Confederate Medical Officers Uniforms and Equipment

Many features of the Confederate Medical Corps were the same as its Federal counterpart. Ranks were the same, as were the facings and the green sash. Most surgeons' kits were made in the North or imported, and many Southern doctors had been trained in Baltimore, Philadelphia or New York. The major difference was the ever-increasing lack of drugs and medial supplies faced by the Southerners as the war progressed.

1 Lieutenant colonel's frock coat of surgeon Lt. Col. Samuel Bemiss

2 Epaulettes ot Dr. G. A. Carter, 53rd Virginia Infantry

3 Civilian cape of Dr Alexander Yelverton Garnett, surgeon at Robertson Hospital and physician to President Jefferson Davis

4 Forage cap of Dr. William B. Wise

5 Surgeon's frock coat ot assistant surgeon. Capt. R. H. Parker

6 Spurs of Dr T Berry

7 Field plate of Dr Orlando Fairfax

Drum Major Civil War Frock CoatAmputation Kit

of Surgeon I. C. Habersham, Savannah 15 Medical officer's sash 16-17 Scalpels from item 20 18-19 Knives from item 20

20 Amputation kit captured at Manassas and used by Dr. James Evans

21 Capt. Parker's sash

8 Tourniquet stamped "J A King, Mobile'

9 Brass bell from Jackson Hospital, Richmond, Va

10-11 Case of Surgeon Samuel

Hollingsworth Stout, Medical Director of Hospitals, Army of Tennessee

12 Roll of lint bandages

13 Phlebotomy knife found at Gettysburg and carved "Dr F Kempt, 17th Va. Vols."

14 Officer's sword c 1820, the property

Civil War Musician Confederate

Confederate Musicians' Equipment

As in any civil war, the two sides in this conflict shared a common musical heritage and they enjoyed basically the same music of prewar origin, although some new music was written during the conflict Most Southern instruments were of either prewar manufacture or imported, although there was a major manufacture of drums in Richmond. As battle began, the men of the Confederacy would march to the guns, flags flying and band playing to boost their morale and heighten their patriotic fervor.

Typical example of Confederate First National Pattern Flag as carried by Army bands

Typical style of forage cap as worn by musicians of the Confederate Army Bugle with attachment points for carrying strap

Snare drum, complete with carry strap and drum sticks

Snare drum and drum sticks

Typical design of frock coat as worn by Confederate musicians

Clarinet as used by Confederate Army bands

Alternative type of bugle used by

Confederate Medical Uniforms

armies of the Confederacy

9 Alternative type of bugle used by armies of the Confederacy

10 Small horn insignia as worn by some Confederate musicians

11 Militia waist belt, complete with metal beltplate

12-14 Various types of fife as used by Confederate Army bands

Medical Corps Insignia Uniforms

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