Confederate Naval Arms and Accouterments

In naval terms, the Confederacy ran at a disadvantage and had to rely a great deal on imported weapons and other equipment, such as that shown at (2) and (4).

1 Confederacy Second National Bunting Flag, as displayed by warships and other vessels of the South

2 British Pattern 1859 cutlass-type design of bayonet, complete with protective scabbard, as used with item 4

3 Thomas, Griswold and Company design of naval cutlass with belt; note

1859 Naval Cutlass Bayonet

Allilacts courtesy o* Virginia Hutohcel Society 2-5 7. 8 The Museum of The Confetlerâcv. fíichmonít Vrf I 6

Virginia Philadelphia MusConfederate Buckle Collection

the fastening buckle with its embossed CS motif

4 British Wilson breechloading naval rifle (note crown), complete with ramrod in stowed position

5 Short-barreled signaling pistol used to fire warning flares or colors of the day

6 Typical design of canvas sea-bag as used by sailors aboard Confederate warships

7 C.S.N, cutlass with fish-scale handle, complete with canvas waist belt and protective scabbard

8 Firing mechanism for ship-borne cannon armament embarked on Confederate ships of the line

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