Confederate Officers of Cavalry Infantry and Artillery

These were the men seen most often in the field in the armies of the Confederacy. With little or nothing particularly distinctive about their uniform dress, they were the average officers who made up the bulk of the officer corps. The major of cavalry at left wears the so-called butternut colored uniform that became common when dies were too scarce to produce a uniform gray. At least his yellow facings match the regulations for his branch of service. Standing next to him is an infantry captain who also shows some ersatz in his dress. Uniform is the proper gray, but his hat is definitely a makeshift substitution. Seated at right is a full colonel of artillery, and he, at least, has everything right. This was the rarity, and probably indicates that he was uniformed early in the war. For all of them, just staying clothed became a struggle, much less meeting regulations.

Below: Unidentified Confederate officers early in the war. Four years later their uniforms would be in tatters.

Csa Artillery Uniform

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