Confederate Officers Swords

and Sabers (continued)

Among these Confederate officers' swords, item 6, the College Hill sword, was made in Nashville, Tennessee; item 9 was owned by Edgar G. Dawson, who rose to become maior n the Terrell's Light Artillery; and item 12, the foot officer's sword, was made by Boyle and Gamble of Richmond.

Cavalry saber of Gen. George W. Rains, made by Leech & Rigdon at the Memphis Novelty Works Kraft, Goldsmith & Kraft staff and field officer's saber

Kraft, Goldsmith & Kraft deluxe lion pommel saber carried by Col William Lowther Jackson, 19th Virginia Cavalry Confederate States Armory officer's sword made by Louis Froelich in Kenansville, N.C

College Hill foot officer's sword made in Nashville, Tennessee College Hill staff and field officer's sword

Thomas Griswold foot officer's sword

Confederate Sword

Artifacts courtesy of the Museum of the Confederacy Richmond. Va I, 7 7. 10, 17 Virginia Historical Society. Richmond. V.r 3. 6 H 9. Hi,.': f' tchjul COl'CLtlOn -I ,','

Louis Haiman

belonging to George Sweet

8 Louis Haiman and Brother foot officer's sword carried by Capt Edgar G Dawson of the Terrell Light Artillery of Georgia

9 Louis Haiman saber carried by Dawson Terrell of the Light Artillery

10 Louis Haiman and Brother saber.

belonging to Brig Gen Archibald Gracie, Jr., killed at Petersburg, 1864

11 W J McElroy foot officer's sword made in Macon, Georgia

12 Foot officer's sword, used by Governor Letcher of the State of Virginia

General Archibald GracieConfederate Navy Officers

Attttacts courtesy o' Donak/ H fharpe Collect*

The Confederate naval officer's sword (5) belonged to Capt. William Maury of C.S.S. Georgia, and was retailed by Firmin and Sons, of London. England. Apart from the decorations, this is virtually identical with the Royal Navy officer's sword which is still in service today.

A selection of knives is also shown. This includes a spear-point knife (1), some side-knives (4, 9, 17) and a short stabbing knife (14). The short stabbing knife (14) has a pillow pommel with a shark-skin grip, silver mounts and silver scabbard (13) replete with nautical motivs. The blade is inscribed "Presented to John

T Ward" on the reverse and "From his shipmates aboard CSS Virginia March 9, 1862" on the obverse. The side-knife (4) is inscribed "Relic of the Battle of Williamsburg, Virginia, May, 1862." The side-knife (17) and scabbard (16) are of particularly high quality, and the scabbard is inscribed with owner's name and unit: Arthur Babcock, 43rd Battalion, Mosby's Command.

The artilleryman's brooch (10) is inscribed "2nd Co., Washington Artillery, Try Us, Capt. T. L. Rosser, 7th June 1862." The knife (1) and spurs (2) belonged to John Boston Hill, the brother of Maj Gen. A. P. Hill.

Hill Bros Swords

2 Pair of iron 'raker" I

3 An oil-cloth storage Jrp and carrying case for 11 « Cj^ items 5 and 6. The ,0"

case is lined with -

chamois leather

4 <ind 15 Burger Brothers side-knife and scabbard.

5 and 6 Regulation Confederate States

Navy officer's sword and scabbard 7 and 8 Foot officer's sword and scabbard made by Agruider Dufilho of New Orleans

9 Side-knife made by Boyle, Gamble and Company, Richmond, Virginia

10 Gold, jeweler-made pin, with artillery insignia and 12 Light artillery officer's saber and scabbard and 14 Presentation naval dirk with silver mounts and 17 Boyle, Gamble and Company of Richmond, Virginia, side-knife with etched blade, complete with leather and brass scabbard.


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