Distinctive Unit Flags of the Confederacy

All Confederate flags have been popular collectibles, even during the war, but in recent years this mystique has assumed considerable stature. While the bulk of surviving Confederate flags now reside in public collections, most of them in the states of their origin, some are still in private hands, either trophies of war passed down in families or acquired in various ways. Unfortunately, the flags have become so sought after that substantial numbers of outright fakes have appeared, while other altered or modified flags have been passed off as "Confederate," and extreme caution must be exercised when considering the purchase of such an artifact. The I extensive collection at The Museum of the Confederacy can provide numerous specimens for comparative study.

1 Flag of the 4th Missouri Infantry, carried at the Battle of Pea Ridge (Elkhorn Tavern), Arkansas, March 7-8, 1862 This pattern flag is typical of those flown out West by units serving in the Trans-Mississippi Department of the Confederacy, under the command of General Earl Van Dorn, and is commonly known as the Van Dorn Pattern flag

2 Flag of the Van Dorn Guards of Texas. I Two Confederate units are known to I

Ait it acts courtesy of file Museum of the Confederacy. Richmond Ma

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Van Dorn Battle Flag

have carried this name: Company A, 8th Regiment, Texas Volunteer Infantry, and the 4th Battalion, Texas Artillery. Of special note on this flag is the large central star, a device quite common to flags of Texas units, which copies that state's well-known emblem

Flag of the 8th Regiment, Virginia Volunteer Infantry. This flag, which is of particularly high quality materials, was presented to the unit by General P G. T Beauregard, in recognition of its soldiers' valor in combat against Union forces at the Battle of Balls Bluff (Leesburg), Virginia, October 21, 1861. The explanation of the quality of both material and workmanship is that the flag was actually made by General Beauregard's wife from one of her own silk dresses

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