Enlisted Men 4th Texas Volunteer Infantry CSA

Few Rebel units achieved the reputation of the gallant Texans of Hood's Brigade, among them the 4th Texas Volunteer Infantry, Tough and rugged fighters, they became the shock troops of the Army of Northern Virginia when they came North to fight the Union's Army of the Potomac. The basic uniform shown here has some variations from the regulation Confederate pattern, the most noticeable being the black insignia of rank and the black piping, rather than the more customary blue

(although this is the same as the North Carolinans on an earlier page). Their headgear, of course, reflects more what was readily available than what was prescribed or issued, from the slouch hat on the kneeling man in front, to the modified top hat or pre-war Hardee hat on the sergeant. Naturally their hats bear the Lone Star of Texas and some may carry it on their beltplates, as well. Their hallmark in battle, however, was the power of their Pattern 1853 Enfield rifles, and their blood-curdling Rebel yells.

4th Texas Infantry Enfield RifleUniforms 4th Texas Infantry

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