Federal Uniforms and Headgear

Uniforms of both combatants were anything but uniform during the early stages of the war, especially as the state militia system practically encouraged individuality of uniforms and equipment. Uniform regulations allowed the greatest latitude and, in many cases, only the financial resources of the individual militia unit restricted the elaborate nature of their clothing The results were multicolored, brocaded, plume-bedecked costumes, which were taken extremely seriously by the wearer, but may have appeared comic to onlookers. The hard realities of war, however, soon relegated such dress to the footlocker, the band or home guard. The drum-major's uniform (1) is especially elaborate, but such men traditionally wore gaudy uniforms, covered with piping and braid, as was thought fitting for a man who marched at the head of the band. This spread also includes particularly fine examples of the shako (4) and (12) and of the "Hardee" hat (7)

1 Frock coat of a drum-major, 18th New York National Guard

2 Heavily decorated baldrick (cross beltl with shield and drum stick emblem of drum-maior, 18th New York National Guard

3 Trousers of drum maior, 18th New York

Drum Major Uniforms For Guys

Arnlocts counosv pf West Po>nl Museum, Wesi Rotnt N Y

7th New York Shako51st Tennessee Infantry Flag

National Guard Shako with plate, chin strap, and cockade. Shako is of the 7th Regiment, New York National Guard Frock coat of Lieutenant Colonel W H Armstrong, 129th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry. The coat carries his rank insignia and corps badge

Frock coat of 1st Sergeant Harlan Cobb, U S Engineers Cobb's Hardee hat with plume, with insignia of company and branch of service

Cobb's trousers

Swallow tail coat of the Citizens

Volunteers of Syracuse (N Y ) 51st New York State Militia

10 Breeches for item 9

11 Modified Hardee hat worn by John M Mitchell, Co. F, 79th Illinois Volunteer Infantry. Note the bullet hole in the crown from Liberty Gap, Tennessee, June 25, 1863

12 Model 1851 Albert style hat, 50th Regiment New York National Guard

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