First Lieutenant 9th New York Infantry Hawkins Zouaves

A first lieutenant of the 9th New York Infantry, one of the more colorful zouave regiments, whose Enlisted man's uniform has already been shown on page 44. In fact, in most zouave outfits the officers wore fairly standard Union Army dress, the flamboyant short jackets and other zouave trappings being re-served for the men in the ranks, but this particular officer wears a very elaborate jacket and a striking gold and scarlet kepi. Side arms were almost universally the same, however, with almost every Union officer carrying a Colt Model 1860 "New Model Army" pistol in .44 caliber. The field officer's sword showed more variation, some being Army issue, such as the 1850 staff and field officer's saber carried here. Others were brought from home or specially purchased. Particularly favored were sabers from the Ames company of Chicopee, Massachusetts. Zouave outfits caused considerable confusion on the battlefield, because those of both sides shared many similarities, especially the blue color of their jackets and the use of shoulder straps by officers.

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