First Lieutenant Co A 5th Georgia Infantry Clinch Rifles CSA

The Clinch Rifles

This particularly handsome Rebel officer serves with the 5th Georgia's Company A. That unit, also known as the "Clinch Rifles," was one of the South's most colorful, thanks to most of its companies having existed before the war and each bringing its own distinctive uniform in 1861. Company A, as seen here, wore green a broadcloth coat with gilt buttons and gold lace trim on the collar and sleeve, with trousers which matched, although of a slightly darker shade of green. The kepi was also green, with a badge consisting of the letters "C.R." inside a gold wreath. When in full dress uniform a pompom topped the cap. A distinctive feature of this officer's attire is the use of U.S. Army insignia on shoulder straps, instead of on the collar as in Confederate regulations. I This man's two bars would indicate a captain in the U.S. service or a first lieutenant in the Con- ] federate, but in either case, I his mien of calm, cool competence, reveals that he is destined to rise to higher command in this war.

First Georgia Infantry Union

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