Lieutenant US Navy and First Lieutenant US Marine Corps

Officers of the Union Navy looked very smart indeed in their crisp blue uniforms. The lieutenant at left wears the optional white trousers with his dark blue tunic, capped with a white service hat. As was common among the lower commissioned officer ranks, his insignia matched, although, unfortunately for this officer, promotion in the Union Navy in the Civil War was extremely slow, so he would probably have been wearing the same insignia at the war's end.

His friend on the right, a First Lieutenant of Marines, shows the considerable similarities between Marine and Army uniforms, the only significant differences being the insignia and in the gold lace around the collar. There were very few officer positions in the Marine Corps and, as a result, opportunities for advancement for this officer would have been even more scarce than for the naval lieutenant on the left. Few such officers remained in the service after the war's close.

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