Major General George H Thomas USA

There was never anything flamboyant about George H Thomas, though he was unfailingly competent. He was somewhat more punctilious about uniform and appearance than many Yankee commanders and usually appeared in full regulation attire, as seen here. He wears a regulation general officer's coat, with black velvet cuffs and collar and is obviously a major general, as denoted by the two stars, which are barely visible on his shoulder straps, but much more clearly seen on his regulation saddle blanket. His uniform is in regulation blue, with the correct yellow belt sash, and a flat-brimmed variation of the old Hardee or "Jeff Davis" hat, with yellow cord. He sits on a black leather McClellan saddle, complete with pommel holsters and leather-covered blanket roll at rear. George Thomas was a sturdy man of large, fleshy build, with a grim set of jaw that betrayed his determined, if plodding, nature. No one ever accused him of flourish, but he was unfailingly dependable, and, in a Civil War commander, that was a commodity much to be desired.

Below: George H. Thomas, who became known as "The Rock of Chickamauga."

General George Thomas

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