Officers Swords and Sabers

These Confederate officers' swords reflect some of the best work by Southern sword makers. Boyle, Gamble and Co. was the premier sword maker of the Confederacy and the example shown here (5) is unusual in that it has no "fuller." Another fairly large-scale manufacturer was Leech & Rigdon, which was also known as the Memphis Novelty Works. At least six major types of Leech & Rigdon swords have been identified, of which two are shown here (2, 3). A third sword maker was W. J. McElroy of Macon, Georgia, who manufactured sturdy but unrefined edged weapons (6); the metal scabbard is etched with the letters "CS" in Gothic script between the ring mounts.

Three engineer swords arel shown. One is modeled on the US Army Model 1839 Topographical Engineer's saber (1), while the second (9) was made by Haiman and has the silvered letters "CSA" on the guard. The third (12) was a presentation item, the sword having the engineer branch insignia in brass on the guard, while its scabbard isL engraved: "Capt. Jno. L. Saffarransj From his Friends in Honor of his services at the battle of Belmont, Memphis, Feby,22,1862."

The Louis Haiman sword (8) ha: an etched blade with the State of Georgia seal on the obverse and thi letters "CS" surrounded by a wreatl on the reverse.

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Boyle, Gamble and Company engineer officer's sword with brass mounted metal scabbard

Leech and Rigdon staff and field officer's sword, variant

Leech and Rigdon , staff and field officer's sword Thomas, Griswold and Company, cavalry officer's saber Boyle. Gamble and Company, cavalry officer's saber

W J McElroy cavalry officer's saber Agruider Dufilho of New Orleans staff and field officer's saber, with ivory handle and brass-mounted german silver scabbard

Louis Haiman lion pommel officer s saber

9 Louis Haiman engineer officer's sword.

10 E J. Johnston and Company, foot officer's sword, made in Macon, Georgia

11 Thomas, Griswold and Company foot officer's sword, featuring an etched blade

12 Thomas. Griswold and Company engineer officer's sword.

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