Personal Effects and Decorations of Major General Galusha Pennypacker

The personal effects of any ranking general officer of the Civil War are extremely rare. In Major General Pennypacker, we are fortunate that his career began so early in his life. Many of the decorations on show were awarded to him long after the war between the states had finished. Most other generals' uniforms are held in institutional collections, but this particular selection of artifacts is held by Chester County Historical Society in Pennsylvania.

The youngest general in American history, Galusha Penny-packer was wounded five times during the Civil War, and was awarded the Medal of Honor for conspicuous bravery during the Union action at Fort Fisher. He was appointed general at the age of 20, before he could even vote!

4 Model 1850 presentation sword and scabbard, formerly the possession of General Pennypacker. The sword is an import, having been manufactured in Germany by Clauberg of Soligen (a town near the Rhine). The sword was shipped to America and retailed by William H. Horstmann & Sons, Philadelphia

2 Double-breasted frock coat with velvet collar and cuffs, formerly the possession of General Pennypacker

3 U.S. Army Model 1896 Medal of Honor, complete with case, formerly the possession of General Pennypacker

Army 1896medal Honor

1 U.S. Army Model 1904 Medal of Honor complete with case, belonging to General Pennypacker. The Medal of Honor at this time did not feature the neck suspension ribbon

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