Personal Possessions and Memorabilia of Maj Gen J E B Stuart CSA

A West Point graduate in the class of 1854, Stuart served in the U.S. Cavalry until his resignation and appointment as colonel of the 1st Virginia Cavalry in 1861. By mid-1862 Stuart had risen to become a maior general and commander of the cavalry of the Army of Northern Virginia. It seemed as if he led a charmed life and could not fail, until the Battle of Brandy Station (June 1863), where Confederate cavalry realized that the Federal cavalry had become a force to be reckoned with. From that point on, Stuart and his men were hard pressed by Federal horsemen at every encounter.

1 Headquarters flag. First National pattern

2 Stuart's field glasses and case. After being wounding at Yellow Tavern, May 11, 1864, the general gave these to his aide-de-camp, Lt. Theodore S. Garnett

3 Stuart's haversack

4 Leather riding boots

Stuarts Calisher Terry Carbine

'iead H

Artifactscourtesy of The Musoum o* (ho Confederacy. Richmond Va ยก6. W. 12. 13. 1522; VirginiaHalo(K9f Society. Richmond, to /-ft t r. 14,23

5 1858 McClellan saddle

6 Buckskin gauntlets

7 General's silk sash worn by Stuart at Yellow Tavern

8 Stuart's |acket

9 Stuart's wool vest with Federal staff officer's buttons

10 Plumed felt officer's hat, made in Paris

11 Stuart's trousers

12 Field glasses and case

13 Uniform frock coat, possibly Stuart's

14 Whitney revolver carried by Stuart at Yellow Tavern

15 Le Mat 1st Model revolver

16 English holster for item 15

17 Tin wash basin and bowl

Tin Cup For Miners

18 Tin cup

19 Leather gun case

20 Calisher and Terry carbine

21 Model 1860 cavalry saber, of French make

22 Model 1851 Federal saber belt with plate

23 Federal officer's sword belt and plate worn by Stuart at Yellow Tavern

Yellow TavernGriswold Pistol

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