Private 140th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry USA

The 140th Pennsylvania Infantry carried with it the unusual nickname, the "Walking Artillery." They got the name because of the old Belgian-copied French 0.69 caliber "Vincennes" muskets with which they were issued. The huge bore of the guns led to the joke about these infantrymen being "artillery", and fellow soldiers taunted them with questions such as "do you shoot solid shot or shell out of those pieces?" Worse than this, the Pennsylvanians also carried massive sword-bayonets that others teasingly called "cavalry sabers." No wonder the "Walking Artillery" was so delighted when finally issued new weapons in January 1863. Their uniform was a standard pattern dark blue tunic, mid-thigh length, over sky blue trousers. The brass shoulder scales were discarded as the war progressed, but otherwise the uniform remained little changed.

140th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry

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