Private Maryland Guard Zouaves

The zouave phenomenon has already been described and some of the many Northern zouave units have been mentioned. There were also zouave units in the South, one of the most prominent being the Maryland Guard Zouaves. Organized from some of the better families of that bitterly divided state, these zouaves served well throughout most of the campaigns of the Army of Northern Virginia. They were easily identified by their dark blue baggy trousers with red stripes, and the red shirts beneath short zouave jackets which were also trimmed with red. A solid red kepi with blue band completed the outfit on top, while white canvas leggings did the same at the other end. The potential for confusion is obvious, for they looked almost the same as Yankee zouaves. Indeed, with subtle variations, these colors and styles were prevalent among the majority of zouave units on both sides and were such that even the zouaves themselves could hardly tell another as friend or foe.

Maryland Guard Zouaves

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