Private Washington Light Infantry

Composed of young men from the best Rebel families, the Washington Light Infantry of Charleston, South Carolina was typical of the more high-minded companies to volunteer for Confederate service at the war's outset. When the call finally came, some of Charleston's finest went off to war in 1861 accompanied by servants, picnic hampers, and ornate tents. It was July 1963 after they had served m and around Charleston after Fort Sumter, that the WLI was merged into the 25th South Carolina Infantry. The regiment remained in its native state until early 1864 when it moved to Richmond and the siege of Petersburg. Most of the regiment was later captured at Fort Fisher, North Carolina. Early in the war the regiment was well kitted-out and wore a well-tailored gray blouse, with gray or natty white trousers and carried their initials in the "WLI" badge on their kepis. Armed with Mississippi Rifles, they fought for the Confederacy from first till last.

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