Seamans Sewing Gear and General Artifacts

Sailors had, of necessity, to be very self-reliant and most managed to cram a great deal into the little storage space they were allowed. Some items which might be found in a typical Northern sailor's kit are seen here. They include a case of needles (center left), with two types of thimble, one metal, which slid over a finger (center), the other a leather device which looped over the thumb (top left). To finish off his uniform prior to going on watch or parade he needed a clothes brush (right), this one being complete with a naval issue cover. Other items include a small lantern (top center), dividers (bottom center), and a pocket compass.

Seaman Gear Seaman Gear

Sailmaker s Kit

Virtually all warships still had sails, so the sailmaker's skills were still of vital importance to the navy and to his ship The sailmaker carried a ditty bag which was filled with the tools of his trade, such as a palm, needle case, beeswax, wooden fids, mallet, and seam rubbers. The braided rope whip (top left), though outlawed, was still used on occasions, and was likely also made by a sailmaker.

Seaman Gear

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