Second Lieutenant The Washington Artillery CSA

The prewar militia and private units that came into the Confederate service rarely adopted the national uniform regulations entirely, and the Confederate government never made any really concerted attempt to enforce them to do so. Indeed, in the hard-pressed Rebel service, any uniform, even one with improper insignia, was better than none at all. The Washington Artillery of New Orleans, whose gunners have already been seen on an earlier page, enjoyed a long and distinguished history, and probably sent the best-trained officers into the Southern armies. This second lieutenant shows some of the distinctive features of the Washington Artillery's uniforms - blue tunic, shoulder strap indications of rank rather than collar insignia, and the crossed cannon at the neck. The red kepi would also call attention to them on the field. They served all through the war, and with distinction. Its success was such that the unit stayed in existence even after Appomattox.

Washington Artillery UniformCsa Artillery

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