Southern State and Confederate Buckles and Plates

During the decades before the war many states adopted distinctive accouterment plates for wear by their state militias, most of them consisting of the state seal in various configurations or the capital letters in the form of abbreviation of the state name. Out of expediency, many of these beautifully fabricated prewar plates were pressed into service at the beginning of hostilities. Original production was limited and hard service caused many to be lost or destroyed, so that today, all are scarce, most are considered quite rare and all are avidly collected.

The most prolific manufacturer was Emerson Gaylord of Chicopee,

Massachusetts, who is known to have produced the oval Maryland state seal plates for that state (1). The similarity suggests that he also made plates for Mississippi (3) and Georgia in the immediate prewar years. A very few such state plates were manufactured in the South during the war.

From the outset, Confederate forces were issued a bewildering array of distinctive central government accouterment plates, usually oval or rectangular in shape, made of brass, and bearing some variation of the letters "CS" or "C.S.A." These appear to have been issued primarily to Confederate forces in western and deep south areas.

Artifacts courtesy of Virginia Historical Society. Richmond. Va

Confederate Volunteer State Buckle

1 Oval Maryland State seal plate

2 Maryland State seal sword-belt plate

3 Oval Mississippi Slate seal plate

4 Alabama State seal sword-belt plate

5 Oval Alabama State seal plate

6 Louisiana State seal plate

7 Oval South Carolina plate

8 Texas plate

9 Oval plate of the Alabama Volunteer Corps

10 Virginia State seal sword-belt plate

1 I Oval Texas plate

12 Virginia State seal sword-belt plate

13 C.S.A. plate, Eastern Theater

14 Oval CS plate with beaded border. Western Theater

15 C.S.A rectangular plate, silvered

16 C.S.A. plate. Eastern Theater

17 CS sword-belt plate

18 Oval CS plate. Eastern Theater

19 CS rectangular sword-belt plate

20 Oval C.S.A. plate

21 Pewter C.S.A. plate, Western Theater

22 Oval CS plate. Western Theater

23 C.S.A. plate, Western Theater

24 Oval CS plate

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