Starr 44 Caliber Army Revolver

Manufactured by the Starr Army Company of New York, the Starr Army .44 caliber, single-action revolver operated in much the same fashion as the Colt, using the same ramrod-under-barrel layout and the same size copper percussion caps on the nipples. Unlike the Colt it had a top strap, resulting in a stronger weapon which has a much more "twentieth century" appearance than contemporary Colts. The revolver was a particularly well-balanced weapon. It was made of steel, with a one-piece walnut butt held between two tangs. The Starr was used by some Union officers, even though it was a little more complex than the Colt and thus more expensive. It was also used in the South, although it was not manufactured there since the Colts were easier to reproduce.

Colt 1911 Officer Blueprints

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