The presentation of ornate, deluxe swords to prominent politicians and local favorite sons, and, in particular, to war heroes was a recognized tribute in the 1860s. The majority of such presentation swords were enhanced models of swords then in current issue to the Army, but there were exceptions where no expense was spared. In the latter case, the result was a sword of exquisite quality and craftsmanship, such as those shown here. Some were even made by jewelers, such as Bailey and Co., of Philadelphia, and Tiffany of New York, and in the latter case the similarities between swords (1) and (2) suggest that the company had a standard "presentation" model. Such companies added gold and silver, and even semi-precious stones.

1 Deluxe sword made by Tiffany, New York, and presented to Brig. Gen Godfrey Weitzel

2 Deluxe sword made by Tiffany, New York, and presented to Maj Gen John M. Schofield

3 Cased deluxe sword presented to Brig Gen. John Cook for gallantry at the capture of Fort Donelson, 1862

4 Eaglehead sword sold by Spies. New York, and presented to Col Sylvanus

West Point Sword Cases

A/titacls courtesy ol West Pornt Museum. West Point NY 2*7.9 Donald Tharpe Collection I, 3. 8

Mine Creek Battlefield Museum

Thayer, "Father of the U.S. Military Academy"

5 Militia staff and field officer's sword presented to Col. Thayer by graduates of the West Point class of 1820

6 Deluxe sword made by George W. Simmons and Brother, Philadelphia, Pa, and presented to Brig Gen Charles Ferguson Smith

7 Cavalry saber made by Clauberg, Soligen, Germany, and presented to Maj. I. Townsend Daniel

8 Cavalry saber made by Sauerbier, Newark. New Jersey, and presented to Brig. Gen. Judson Kilpatrick

9 High quality sword made by Frederick Hörster, Soligen, Germany, retailed by Tomes Son and McLvain, New York, and presented to Col H F. Clarke

Dress Sword Colonel Sylvanus Thayer

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