The Saddle of Major General John F Reynolds

This is the saddle in which Major General John F. Reynolds was sitting when he was killed in or near woods close to McPherson's Ridge during the Battle of Gettysburg. The general was hit in the head by a chance Rebel bullet on the first day of the battle, July 1, 1863, while trying to mount a holding action against the advancing Confederate forces. He was certainly wearing the sword-belt at the time of his death and may also have been wearing the sash, as well. He had been offered the command of the Army of the Potomac just days before he was killed, but he turned it down.

Right: Major General John F. Reynolds, shown here as a brigadier, was fighting the Confederates almost on his own soil when he was struck down early in the Battle of Gettysburg.

General Reynolds Artifacts Gettysburg

Artifacts courtesy of Virginia Historical Society. Richmond. Va

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