The Whittier Group of Uniforms and Personal Effects

A large collection of one individual's uniforms and equipment from the Civil War era are almost unheard of today, especially in private hands. But, once in a great while, a persistent and dedicated private collector will stumble upon a long- forgotten field chest, which was stored away in an attic or barn shortly after the end of the war and then forgotten both by the warrior himself and by the succeeding generations. Such is the case with the Whittier Collection, shown here, which traces the military career of New Englander, E. N. Whittier, and which are now lovingly maintained in a private collection Whittier began his military service as a Private in the 1st Rhode Island Volunteer Militia with which he took part in the Battle of Bull Run, but later in the war he was commissioned and transferred to the artillery, toining 5th Maine Battery, with whom he fought at Gettysburg Thus, he served throughout the war and personally took part in the first and last battles. One minor point made by this collection is the difference in cut and quality between the private soldier's uniforms on the left and the officer's on the right.

5th Maine Regimental Museum

Artifacts cou'tosy of Don Tromm Co fleet/on, Southbury. C

Kombajny Kolorowania

1 Rhode Island state issue gray wool trousers, worn by Private E N Whittier, Co C , 1st Rhode Island Volunteer Militia

2 Whittier's non-regulation knitted wool bonnet

3 Forage cap worn in Battle of First Manassas (First Bull Run) by Private Whittier

4 Rhode Island state issue pullover' blue wool field blouse; worn by Private Whittier

5 Civilian blanket used by Private Whittier

6 Civilian coverlet used by Private Whittier

7 Wood foot locker used by Private Whittier

8 Blue wool short jacket worn by Lieutenant Whittier after his commission and transfer to the 5th Maine Battery

9 White linen trousers worn by Ll Whittier at Gettysburg

10 Framed carte-de-visite taken in 1863 of Lt. Whittier

11 Artillery officer's trousers, worn at Chancellorsville by Lt. Whittier

12 Artillery officer's forage cap, worn by Lt. Whittier at Chancellorsville and Gettysburg

13 Leather bag with 6th Corps badge, property of Lt. Whittier

14 Private purchase, off-duty smoking cap, used by Lt. Whittier

Smoking Cap

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