Three Notable Confederate Officers

John S. Mosby (below) wears no chevrons, but displays three stars on his collar. The buttons on his jacket signify that he is ranked as a colonel. Although commissioned as a Confederate officer, John Singleton Mosby made a terror of himself as leader of the 43rd Virginian Partisan Rangers His raids, including the capture of two Yankee generals, became legendary, and it is reported that he even donned Federal uniform (at his feet) during his raids behind enemy lines. Right until the end of the war, nothing that the Federals could do could stop him.

Colonel M S. Stokes (right) donned an official uniform to have his studio picture taken. His elaborately ornamented sleeves show no gold, and his buttons, worn in pairs, are identical to those of a Rebel major general.

John B. Gordon (below right), who was a major general, fought with distinction throughout the war. If only the buttons on his jacket were visible, he might be taken for a colonel. Three stars on each side of his collar clearly indicate his high rank.

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