Union Ammunition and Accessories

Federal ordnance facilities had the capability to produce metallic cartridges, a tremendous advantage when coupled with breech-loading rifles and carbines. Yet even the Federal forces had such a wide variety of calibers of small arms ammunition ranging from .31 to .72, all of which were considered standard, that they created producing a logistician's nightmare. Shown here are just a few of the wide range of proprietary brands used for carbines and revolvers.

1 Percussion cap box

2 and 3 Percussion caps as issued

4 Lawrence primers for the Sharps carbine

5 .58 caliber (14.8mm) ball paper cartridge

6 Muzzle-loading .69 caliber (17.5mm) ball paper cartridge

7 .50 caliber (12 7mm) Smith cartridge

8 52 caliber (13.2mm) Sharps cartridge

9 54 caliber (13 7mm) metal cartridge for Burnside carbine

10 .50 caliber (12.7mm) metal cartridge for Maynard carbine

Civil War Paper Cartridge
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Cartridge Colt Revolver

cartridges for a Colt pocket pistol

17 Packet of 44 caliber (11 2mm)) paper cartridges for a Colt revolver

18 Open pack of paper cartridges for 44 caliber (11.2mm) Colt

52 caliber (13 2mm) Sharps and Hankms metal cartridge 44 caliber {11 2mm) metal cartridge for Henry repeating rifle

Tin of British-made Eley brand percussion caps for Colt pistols Pistol bullet mold Pistol tool

Packet of 31 caliber (7 8mm) paper

2mm Bullet Mold


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